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Information Technology (IT) is becoming increasingly important to the business strategy, and operations of most organizations today. The increased dependency on technology to deliver value to an organization, to capture and maintain financial statements can raise additional issues of security, integrity and control. Our IT Audit & Risk team helps our clients protect their information systems, ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and provide insights to leverage IT controls to reduce costs and gain competitive advantage.

We perform IS Audits as part of Financial Audits as well as for independent attestation and third party reporting. Our IT systems review offers a thorough, unbiased evaluation of your IT environment, enabling you to identify and understand weaknesses in your IT systems, particularly in the areas which pose the greatest risk. Our IS Auditors can identify, evaluate and recommend solutions to mitigate system vulnerabilities and leverage operational efficiencies across a wide range of service offerings. Through the use of Computer Aided Audit Techniques (CAATs), we are able to effectively audit all data contained in your systems to identify areas of risk and exceptions and test the effectiveness of your technological controls.

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